I can’t take her anywhere
She takes off her bra in the middle of town square
To prove she’s not like other sad girls
with tabloid eyes that tell a story that isn’t hers

She could find someone else to take her anywhere
Like a puppet master they could whisper in her ear
I can prove you’re not like other sad girls
with eyes that pull me to the bottom of the world

Oooo she wants to take me
Where no one else can see
No one else can see

Don’t it look like trouble oh oh
Don’t it look like fun
Don’t it sound like the story
You’re working on but
doesn’t get done
Don’t it sound like
Oooo oooo ooo ooo ooo ooo
Sad girls

I can’t take her anywhere
My girlfriend wants her dead and I understand
It’s a stubborn lie that I don’t care
Electric static stagnant in the air


How does a feeling work?
How can her voice take me to quiet place
in a loud room?

Oooo she takes me
Where no one else can see
No one else can see
You know it looks like trouble
You know it looks fun
I need a story
I need a song
To take me
where no one else can see
No one else can see


from The Heart Will Jump (With Nowhere to Fall), released October 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Hillary Susz Boulder, Colorado

CONTACT hillarysuszbooking@gmail.com

Hillary Susz is an independent songwriter and guitarist based in Boulder, CO. Her distinctive, operatic vocals and angular, effects-laden guitar work feature prominently in her songs, which often eschew conventional structure along the complex twists and turns of their narrative course. ... more

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